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Welcome to the website of Kaminotechniki SA

The company Kaminotechniki SA is one of the largest construction companies in the field of heating, with the most modern equipment and well-trained staff. We provide efficient, reliable and quality heating systems and complete energy upgrade packages. Energy fireplaces, heat pumps, underfloor heating and energy stoves are some of the products that have been entrusted to us for heating homes and businesses for decades.

Our products

Energy fireplaces from Kaminotechniki SA
Taking care first of all of the environment and consequently of man.

Kaminotechniki with great ecological consciousness gives importance to the construction of energy stoves so that they perform the best possible combustion and aim at the minimum emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Proof of the excellent quality of our products is the certification of our company with the globally accepted quality assurance standard TUV 9001: 2000. Also, all the constructions of our stoves follow the instructions of the European standards:
EN 13229
EN 13229 / A1
EN 13229 / A2

Energy Upgrade

Actively upgrade your home now! Kaminotechniki is coming to make all the changes that will reduce heating costs to an incredible degree. Energy upgrade of a building is the set of interventions performed in order to reduce heat loss, increase the efficiency of heating / cooling media and reduce costs.

Timber Selection

The basic rule for safe and efficient burning is that our woods have low humidity (below 20%). This means that we should avoid putting in fireplace our freshly cut wood or wood that was exposed in the open. 


Tertiary Combustion

The tertiary stepped combustion is created by injecting air at the temperature of the exhaust gas around the perimeter and lowering of the combustion chamber, resulting in the ignition of the exhaust gas wherever they are located.

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Saving at home

Complete energy upgrade packages from Kaminotechniki. Make the most of the savings program at home by upgrading your home or business, but above all your quality of life. Reduce heating costs by up to 70%!