ksula stiva

The basic rule for safe and efficient burning is that our woods have low humidity (below 20%). This means that we should avoid putting in fireplace our freshly cut wood or wood that was exposed in the open. Ideally, our wood should be evenly layered so that it is ventilated and under a canopy so that it does not get wet. If we want to "prepare" our wood for future efficient use, we store them according to the above and let them "mature" for 2 years so that they eliminate the moisture they contain.

Types of wood:


It is hard wood, burns relatively easily and has a fairly good burning time. It is better to be cut into smaller pieces than other firewood.


It has probably the longest burning time. It produces a calm and beautiful flame. It is difficult to light, the use of a lighter is almost certain.


It is located mainly in northern Greece. It has white bark and is one of the most suitable types of wood for fireplace.


It burns very slowly. It gives us a small and beautiful flame and ignites easily.


It catches fire very easily and gives strong fire. The white fir is more suitable as it "pops" less than the red one. It burns fast.


Hardwood with high thermal efficiency. It is one of the best wood for burning. Perhaps its only drawback is that it is not easy to find in quantities.


It catches fire easily, gives a big flame, it is good for lighting but it also burns very quickly. Due to the resins it contains, it produces a lot of smoke, while it tends to burst during combustion.